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Monday, 13 October 2014

IN BOOMING NEWS :20 Celebrities Who Insured Their Body Parts

Well, body part/attribute insurance is definitely the order of the day for celebrities.

Below is a list of celebrities who are into this practice.

20. Bette Davis – Waist: $28,000

Bette Davis had such an impressive waist that she went to the trouble of having it insured. Her insurance at the time was worth $28,000. The insurance was to prevent weight gain from ruining her.
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19. Jimmy Durante –  Nose: $50,000

Jimmy Durante chose to insure his picture perfect nose for $50,000. His nose was his trademark when he obtained an insurance policy for it during the 1940s when he was known as a famous comedian.

18. Dolly Parton – Bosom: $600,000

It should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Dolly Parton that she had her legendary bosom insured for $600,000, though that part of her body is reportedly worth $3.8 million.

17. Holly Madison – Breasts: $1 Million

Holly Madison told the media that she had her breasts insured because her career depended on them. She also stated that in the event anything were to happen to her breasts she would be out of the public spotlight a few months and would spend as much as $1 million to restore them to their original glory.

16. Rihanna – Legs: $1 Million

Rihanna had her legs insured for $1 million because her legs are the main body part she is focused on. She works with a trainer to keep her arms looking feminine and her rear end looking good. In 2007 Rihanna was bestowed the “Legs Of A Goddess Award,” by Gilette and was given a $1 million insurance policy to protect her legs.

15. Keith Richards – Hands: $1.6 Million

Keith Richards insured his hands for $1.6 million, fearing his career could suffer for it if he didn’t. He was worried that if something happened to his middle finger specifically he would no longer be able to play guitar or perform a certain rude gesture with his hand.

14. Madonna – Breasts: $2 Million

Madonna has insured her breasts for a stunning $2 million. Some people find this surprising because women only tend to insure silicone breast implants, yet Madonna’s breasts are real. There are rumors circulating her insurance policy that claim she originally wanted $20 million worth of insurance on her breast’s, but no company would insure them for such a high amount.
Vanity Fair Oscar Party

13. Heidi Klum – Legs: $2 Million

Supermodel Heidi Klum has her legs insured for $2 million, though she states that her legs each have a different dollar value. While her right leg is flawless, there is a scar on her left leg. As a result her left leg is worth $1 million while her right leg is worth $1.2 million. She took out this insurance policy at the height of her career.

12. Jamie Lee Curtis – Legs: $2.8 Million

Jamie Lee Curtis has her legs insured for a reported $2.8 million. When she took out the insurance policy on her legs it was because many others in showbiz were jealous of them.
you again premiere arrivals 230910

11. Tina Turner – Legs: $3.2 Million

Tina Turner has insured her legs for $3.2 million. When all eyes are on Turner as she performs on stage she wants her legs to look their best, especially since she has such long legs. In 2005 she told Oprah Winfrey that because her legs are so long and she dances during her performances she has to wear short dresses to be able to dance well.

10. Kylie Minogue – Buttocks: $5 Million

Kylie Minogue has her rear end insured for $5 million. She has admitted that she has had help making her rear end look better when she films music videos. She also has her rear end insured at a value of $5 million. Kylie was so happy to have her rear end insured that she even went so far as to film a satirical commercial about a company that insures body parts. She played the lead role in the commercial.

9. Bruce Springsteen – Vocal Chords: $6 Million

Bruce Springsteen reportedly has an insurance policy on his vocal chords for anywhere from $5 to $6 million.

8. Daniel Craig – Body: $9.5 Million

When Daniel Craig was filming the movie “Quantum Of Solace,” he took out $9.5 million worth of insurance. The reason he did this is that because he performed many of the stunts in the movie himself. He does this to give the audience a more satisfying movie viewing experience.

7. America Ferrera – Smile: $10 Million

When Auquafresh hired America Ferrera as their spokeswoman they insured her smile at a cost of $10 million. She gained recognition among companies looking for a new spokeswoman after she won as Best Actress at the Golden Globe Awards.

6. Julia Roberts – Smile: $30 Million

Not to be outdone, Julia Roberts herself decided to insure her own smile as well. She has insured it at a cost of $30 million.

5. Michael Flatley – Legs: $40 Million

Dancer Michael Flatley has insured his legs for $40 million. Famous for Lord of the Dance, Flatley chose to insure his legs to protect his career as an Irish dancer.

4. David Beckham – Legs: $70 Million

Soccer star David Beckham insured his legs for $70 million, as without the use of his legs his career would be over.
David Beckham

3. Cristiano Ronaldo – Legs: $144 Million

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has his legs insured too, but for $144 million. He has stated that it is important soccer players like him to protect the body parts that allow them to have a career. Both David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo had their insurance policies paid by Real Madrid. The U.K. soccer club did not want to lose the use of their two best players. Both men reportedly have the most expensive insurance on their bodies of any athlete.

2. Jennifer Lopez – Butt: $300 Million

Jennifer Lopez has her rear end insured for $300 million. She once told the UK version of Marie Claire magazine that she has always felt confident and comfortable in her own body. She likely obtained the insurance so she could continue to feel this way. According to Fox News Jennifer Lopez’s rear end is worth $27 million. She has also reportedly insured the rest of her body for amounts in excess of $1 billion, though both Jennifer Lopez and her agent deny this claim.

1. Mariah Carey – Legs: $1 Billion

Mariah Carey reportedly has her legs insured for $1 billion. This happened in 2006 when she won an award for “Legs Of A Goddess,” given by Gilette. There is speculation as to whether or not the company then took out the insurance policy on Mariah Carey’s legs or the singer did it herself.
Mariah Carey legs

So, what would you insure?

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