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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

NIMC Calls for Make-up Test

National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) - If you missed the NIMC test conducted a forthnight  ago. I have good news for you. National Identity Management Commission is hereby calling on those who missed the opportunity to partake in the test  for another chance to participate in a make-up test.

Another good news, you are privileged to make your choice of your test location!

Here is the test message sent by NIMC-JOBS:

Dear Applicant,
NIMC invites you for a make-up test. Choose your preferred test location from LAGOS, ENUGU, MINNA, AKURE, ILORIN, IBADAN by sending SMS to any of the Nos:
0807440706, 08100444333,  08183488285 in the format ARN#LOCATION not later than 12/03/13.
Your ARN is ############. Check

Below is the NIMC Notice on their Recruitment Website


All applicants that were unable to sit for the recently concluded NIMC job test.

To write the make-up test, kindly send SMS to any of these numbers: 08100444333, 08183488285, 08074407066 to choose your preferred test location.

Available test locations are: LAGOS, IBADAN, MINNA, ILORIN, ENUGU & AKURE.

To choose a test location, Send ARN#LOCATION to any of these GSM Numbers: 08100444333, 08183488285, 08074407066

For instance text ARN#LAGOS (where ARN is your assigned ARN) if you wish to write the test in Lagos. This option closes by 12/03/2013

Human Capital Partners

Meanwhile, some candidates who already wrote the test also received the sms invitation for the Make-Up Test, and became confused if the Aptitude Test they wrote earlier were not properly submitted, in this rain of confusion, some were lucky enough to receive a second Disregard SMS that it was a computer error.

My advice is if you have written the Test, you should not register again for the Test, unless you have a good reason to do so.

Wishing you goodluck!

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